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The world’s happiest man? Matthieu Ricard on the secrets of a serene, successful, satisfying life

The Buddhist monk and bestselling author’s latest book tells the story of his spiritual journey. He discusses joy, suffering and how to foster happiness and health Photograph: Magali Delporte/The Guardian Interview by Emma Beddington, for The Guardian I get anxious about interviews, I tell Matthieu Ricard moments after he appears on my computer screen… Read more »

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“Happiest Man In The World” Shares 9 Incredibly Simple Yet Effective Tips To Become Happier

Article by Andréa Oldereide and Dominika, for Bored Panda. Matthieu Ricard, often hailed as “the happiest man in the world,” is a remarkable figure whose life and teachings have captivated the world’s attention. With a background as a molecular biologist, the 77-year-old’s journey took an extraordinary turn when he left behind a promising scientific… Read more »

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Matthieu Ricard: ‘The happiest man alive’ shares his secrets

Article by Anujj Trehaan, for News by Tesapp. The world has yet to fully grasp the essence and experience of true happiness. For some, it is a high-salaried job and owning a stunning property, for others it is marrying the love of their life and traveling around the globe. However, Matthieu Ricard, who is considered to… Read more »

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