Let’s celebrate altruism in action

Once an act of altruism has been accomplished, it multiplies around us and inspires others to take similar action. Karuna’s initiatives are based on a deep conviction in the importance of promoting altruism and cooperation at all levels of society. Our aim is to create environments and opportunities conducive to cultivating and acting in this direction.

Founded by Matthieu Ricard in 2000, KarunaShechen advocates and acts to create a more altruistic world with the conviction that altruism offers concrete solutions to the challenges of our century, and is a key to building tomorrow’s world.

Karuna-Shechen contributes to breaking the cycle of intense poverty for the most vulnerable populations in India, Nepal and Tibet. By partnering with local communities, we can use a holistic approach interconnecting the sectors of Health & Hygiene, Education, Food Security, Economic Development and Environment.

A team of 302 members, includes 83 volunteers and 255 local staff, helped more than 670,000 people in 2022, including 251,200 direct beneficiaries, and cared for 10,900 animals.

Karuna-Shechen has been inviting everyone to develop their altruistic potential by cultivating their inspiration, practicing mindfulness meditation and committing themselves in specific ways to create a more just and peaceful world.

Matthieu Ricard donates all of the revenues from his activities to the association – books, photographies, conferences etc. – thus covering all operating costs of Karuna. As a result, every donation is used in full to support vulnerable people.

I believe that all the people who accompany our projects are convinced of the importance of cultivating an altruistic state of mind in their hearts with humility, joy and determination. It is with this ideal of “compassion in action” that I founded Karuna-Shechen 20 years ago. – Matthieu Ricard, founder of the association

“Karuna” means compassion in Sanskrit: the vision of the association is thus anchored in an ideal of compassion in action.