At Karuna-Shechen, we firmly believe that women are the pillars of a sustainable and altruistic society. Therefore, our programs are designed with a particular sensitivity to the specific needs of women. Our  teams are committed to ensuring that they have r fair access to education, providing them with economic opportunities, and supporting them in their quest for autonomy.

In 1997, Matthieu Ricard chose to use all the royalties from his first book, “The Monk and the Philosopher,” to undertake humanitarian projects. Living among the Himalayan populations, he felt the need to address inequalities and alleviate the suffering he  observed in this region and he inspired friends and patrons to support this endeavor. Inspired by Buddhist teachings and ethics, the Karuna-Shechen adventure begins !

I believe that all those who accompany our projects are convinced of the importance of cultivating in their hearts an altruistic state of mind with humility, joy, and determination. It is in this ideal of ‘compassion in action’ that I founded Karuna-Shechen.

— Matthieu Ricard, Co-founder and Honorary President of the Association

Taking Action and Advocating for an Altruistic World

Founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard, Karuna-Shechen acts and advocates for a more altruistic world with the conviction that altruism is a key to building the world of tomorrow, and  it offers concrete solutions to the challenges of our century.

TAKING ACTION : Karuna-Shechen contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty, strengthening resilience of disadvantaged populations. The organization  works in India, Nepal and Tibet, through a community-based and holistic approach interconnecting health and hygiene, education, food security, economic development, and environment.

ADVOCACY : Karuna-Shechen invites everyone to develop their altruistic potential and to journey together towards a more compassionate, resilient, and peaceful world. The organization  offers  opportunities  to cultivate  inspiration through meditation and mindfulness  practices, and to participate in specific projects.

Karuna-Shechen in a Few Figures

670,000 people supported

302 members

83 volunteers

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“Karuna” means compassion in Sanskrit: the vision of the association is thus anchored in an ideal of compassion in action.