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Pleasure and Happiness: The Great Mix-up (part 2)

Kangyur Rinpoche. Photo by Matthieu Ricard For the ancient Greeks, the word eudaimonia conveyed the notion of accomplishment, of flourishing, of deep long-term fulfillment. While pleasure corresponds to hedonism, happiness corresponds to eudaimonia. Similarly, in Buddhism, the word soukha refers to an exceptionally healthy state of mind that emerges from the cultivation of wisdom, compassion,… Read more »

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Pleasure and Happiness: The Great Mix-up (part 1)

One of the most common errors we make is to confuse pleasure for happiness. According to a Hindu proverb: “Pleasure is only the shadow of happiness”. Pleasure is the direct result of hedonistic, pleasurable sensual, esthetic, or intellectual stimuli. This fleeting experience of pleasure is dependent upon circumstances, on a specific location, or moment in… Read more »

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