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Towards Sustainable Harmony: An Altruistic Approach

Articles in the New York Times and other news agencies reported on the latest scientific findings on climate change and global warming. How does this relate to what is called sustainable development? The term, sustainable development, is a contradiction. Quantitative growth has proven not to be sustainable because infinite quantitative growth requires even greater use… Read more »

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Nepal earthquakes: Karuna-Shechen’s action

Two weeks after a first earthquake devasted Nepal and caused over 8,000 casualties and 17,800 wounded, a new quake of a magnitude of 7,3 struck the north-east region of the country on May 12th. The teams on the ground of Karuna-Shechen, Matthieu Ricard’s humanitarian organization, continue their work providing assistance to the victims of the… Read more »

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Let Altruism be Your Guide

Excepts from Matthieu Ricard’s Latest TED Talk, October 2014. We have an extraordinary potential for goodness, but also an immense power to do harm. Any tool can be used to build or to destroy, and it all depends on our motivation. Therefore, it is all the more important to foster an altruistic motivation rather than… Read more »

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