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An Enduring Friendship: Matthieu Ricard and Jane Goodall (part 1)

In honor of Jane Goodall’s birthday this week, we have the pleasure to post a never-before published dialogue between Matthieu Ricard, author of the recent book, A Plea for the Animals , and the renowned primatologist, animal rights activist, founder of Roots and Shoots and UN Ambassador of Peace. They have been friends for many… Read more »

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Conversation between Matthieu Ricard and Elizabeth Kolbert

Journalist Elizabeth Kolbert and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard each had big books in 2015. Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History—winner of the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction—takes an unflinching look at the history of extinction and the different ways that human beings are negatively impacting life on the planet. Ricard’s Altruism: The Power of Compassion… Read more »

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