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The Virtues of Humility – 2

A humble person has nothing to lose or to gain. If he is praised, he thinks it’s for what he has been able to accomplish, not for himself as an individual. If he is criticized, he thinks that bringing his …

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The Virtues of Humility -1

Humility is sometimes scorned, regarded as a weakness. The writer Ayn Rand proclaims, ‟Discard the protective rags of that vice which you called a virtue: humility.”* Pride, however, the narcissistic exaggeration of the self, closes the door to all personal …

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The Solitude of Hyperconnectivity

According to the American sociologist Sherry Turkle, so-called ‟social” media in fact constitute for the individual a way to be alone while still being connected to many people.* A sixteen-year-old boy, an inveterate texter, remarked with some regret: ‟Someday, someday, …

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Black and White by Matthieu Ricard

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Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche during the Tsechu Celebrations at Shechen Monastery, Nepal, March 25, 2010

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Young Buddhist monks at Shechen Monastery, Nepal…

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