Another year of altruism in action

670,000 individuals supported and 10,900 animals cared for in 2022 by Karuna-Shechen. With a holistic approach centered around five intervention areas (education, food security, health, environment, economic development), the organization is empowering communities in India, Nepal, and Tibet to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

To learn more about Karuna’s impactintervention strategies, and advocacy efforts, we present our 2022 annual report. You will also discover more about our teamshighlights, and our vision for 2025.

We are thrilled to share this update with you and continue on the path of altruism in action.

Caring for the caregivers: Burnout, gratitude and compassion

By Matthieu Ricard le 12 Apr 2023

Medical staff and social workers often find themselves in highly stressful and emotionally burdensome situations working long hours while dealing with difficult cases. So that they feel appreciated and supported, a show of gratitude – in thought, word and deed – is needed in order to nourish their motivation and give them courage while strengthening… Read more »

“Why aren’t there any women in your group?”

By Matthieu Ricard le 06 Mar 2023

Excerpt from Matthieu Ricard’s book, Altruism. Despite progress still to be made, Western countries are evolving more toward respect and increased acknowledgment of the role of women in society. With a few rare exceptions, war is planned, decided upon, and perpetrated by men, and 99.9% of soldiers who take part in combat are also men… Read more »

Experience the true meaning of sharing

By Matthieu Ricard le 24 Nov 2022

The holiday season is a time to celebrate the bonds that unite us with our loved ones and to demonstrate kindness.  These moment of sharing are essential and allow us to develop an altruistic state of mind, but they can often be conditioned by institutionalized over-consumption which diminishes the experience of true relationships, depletes planetary… Read more »


Matthieu Matthieu Ricard, born in France in 1946 and son of French philosopher Jean-François Revel and painter Yahne Le Toumelin, is a Buddhist monk, author of books, translator and photographer.

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Altruism has been the central concept of my research because it is the most encompassing, but let us not forget that fundamentally, it is about love, a love that extends to all, including oneself.

Matthieu Ricard
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The ‘World’s Happiest Man’ Shares His Three Rules for Life – The New York Times

Publié le Aug. 11, 2023 By David MarchesePhoto Illustration by Bráulio Amado Matthieu Ricard is an ordained Buddhist monk and an internationally best- selling author of books about altruism, animal rights, happiness and wisdom. His humanitarian efforts led to his homeland’s awarding him the French National Order of Merit. (Ricard’s primary residence is a Nepalese monastery.)… Read more »

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