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”We live in an essentially interdependent world where the fate of each being, of whatever kind, is intimately linked to that of all the others.”

The Yoga For Karuna movement partners with yoga teachers willing to support Karuna-Shechen’s projects in India, which help more than 235,000 people each year. #Yogaforkaruna brings together yoga lovers from around the world for 3 days of solidarity, October 25-27, during which volunteer yoga teachers organize donation-based classes.

Mindfulness, mind-body connect, and right action: Karuna-Shechen and yoga unite the strength of their values and their energy in order to reduce suffering and improve the quality of life of those most in need.

Let’s thank India for its heritage and work together to improve its well-being. I invite you to join Yoga For Karuna:


Caring Mindfulness at the Service of Others

By Matthieu Ricard on October 08, 2019

As the world becomes increasingly busy and complex, the importance of developing and training our mind to become a better person becomes even more essential. Rushing about and striving to accomplish for the sake of “doing” does not serve the greater good or help to create a better world unless benevolent mindfulness is present. In fact, what...

Non-violence and Tolerance

By Matthieu Ricard on October 01, 2019

Tolerance goes hand in hand with courage, inner strength, and intelligence, the qualities that alleviate mental suffering and prevent us from falling into negative thinking. If we follow a path of retaliation - ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' - then, in the words of Gandhi, "the world will soon be blind and toothless." Violence be...

What is reality ?

By Matthieu Ricard on September 17, 2019

In Buddhism the word reality connotes the true nature of things, unmodified by mental constructs superimposed upon them. Fabricated concepts open up a gap between our perception and reality, and create a never-ending conflict with the world. ‟We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us,” wrote Rabindranath Tagore. We take for perma...

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I am not angry with my bile and other humors—
Fertile source of pain and suffering!
Why then take offense at living beings?
They too are impelled by circumstance. . . .

SHANTIDEVA (685-763)
Bodhicaryavatara: The Way of the Bodhisattva, op. cit. Chap. 5, verses 12-13, and Chap. 6, verses 1-3, 10, 22, 41, 107-8.

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Promoting Quality and Equality in Education

Published on August 28, 2019

Laxmi is a bright teenager and a shining example of why Karuna-Shechen focuses on improving education in the Himalayas. Sitting at a wobbly desk in a makeshift building that wasn’t secure enough to ...