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Lets celebrate International Women's Day!

On the occasion of March 8th, the Karuna team and I reiterate our commitment to women's empowerment. In India, Nepal and Tibet, where we have been active for 20 years, we are helping women to be key actors of change. They can become true sources of inspiration for their communities and for future generations.

In its latest report, the World Economic Forum states that global gender equality will not be achieved for the next 99.5 years. It would therefore take another century to bridge these inequalities and enable women to have the same rights and opportunities as men!

Together, let's empower women to become leaders for change!

To go further, I invite you to discover the latest article on this topic posted on the Karuna-Shechen website. >>> read here

I also invite you to participate in the next Karuna round-table on the theme of women's empowerment through meditative tools >>> participate in the event


A more altruistic world through female leadership?

By Matthieu Ricard on March 03, 2021

A Hiroshima survivor declared a few years back that every country should be governed by a woman with young children. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister who gave birth to her first child during her initial mandate and showed great altruism in her handling of the Auckland attacks and the Covid-19 pandemic, is a wonderful example of h...

An Altruistic Organization of Work ? From the mechanical model to the organic model.

By Matthieu Ricard on February 17, 2021

As the world is becoming more and more complex and uncertain, many people share the feeling that our system is unsuited to our aspirations, whether individual or collective. If the health context has accentuated this intuition of breathlessness in our structures and lifestyles, it has also revealed the importance of the human link and our in...

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Patience is essentially the ability to bear with suffering. It is the fertile soil in which the flowers of Dharma (in other words, the three disciplines) can grow and spread their perfume of good qualities. Encircling these flowers like a protective fence are the three kinds of patience. The first is the patience to bear the sufferings and difficulties that occur while one is striving for the twofold goal: Buddhahood for one's own sake and the accomplishment of the welfare of others. The second kind of patience is the ability to put up with the injuries that others might inflict, while the third kind is the ability to confront, without fear or apprehension, the doctrine of emptiness and other profound teachings. . . .

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Holi – the festival of colours has a dark side

Published on March 26, 2021

Among the numerous Hindu festivals, Holi stands out as the most vibrant. The festival of colours, as Holi is fondly called, is celebrated on March 28th this year. Though Holi in its truest form is all...