Welcome Back to School! – Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard shares his best wishes for all the children and adult students returning to school this fall. Each year, your generous donations to Karuna-Shechen improve the learning conditions for thousands of children in Nepal, India, and Tibet!

Dear Friends of Karuna-Shechen,

At the beginning of the school year, we wish an excellent year of study to the teachers and all the children.

Thanks to your help, Karuna-Shechen can help thousands of children in Tibet, Nepal, and India to get a better education.

We are immensely grateful for your support! Please continue to help us give others the best gift that we can make: the gift of education.

Thank you so much,

Matthieu Ricard
Founder of Karuna-Shechen

Support our education projects and help improve the lives of people in need in India, Nepal, and Tibet with Karuna-Shechen


The Illusion of the Self

By Matthieu Ricard on October 09, 2018

According to Buddhism, our view of the self as a singular, distinct, autonomous and lasting entity is at odds with reality and, therefore becomes a source of frustration and suffering. An exacerbated feeling of self-importance, self-cherishing, and self-centeredness are the basis for impulses of attraction and aversion, which quickly develop...

Can we deprive animals of the right to live ?

By Matthieu Ricard on September 25, 2018

Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his notebooks: “The time will come when people like me will think of the murder of an animal just as they think today of the murder of a man.” And George Bernard Shaw said, “Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat my friends.” It’s not a matter of denying that there are differences in intelligence between animals a...

The Inspirational Karuna Girl

By Matthieu Ricard on September 11, 2018

In 2005 we visited a remote area of Eastern Tibet to check on the progress of our Karuna-Shechen projects there and look for new ways in which to help. While visiting one of our small clinics, I happened to enter a dark kitchen with my camera. In a dark corner near the hearth, was a little girl whose smile and direct gaze, completely devoi...

This week

Thought of the week

When comes the time to carry
The load of life through death's door,
One can take neither relatives, friends,
Servants, nor possessions.
Attached mind is instinctual mind:
Abandon attachment.

Seventh Dalai Lama Kelsang Gyatso (skal bzang rgya mtsho, 1708-1757), Meditations to Transform the Mind, edited and translated by Glenn H. Mullin, Snow Lion 1999.

Right now in Karuna-Shechen

India: 120 village preschool workers trained!

Published on October 01, 2018

On September 8 and 10, more than 120 childcare workers and government supervisors took part in the training held in BodhGaya by the Karuna-Shechen staff on the subject of the role of play in the life ...

Yoga for Karuna: Join the Movement!

Published on September 17, 2018

Together, we’re building an altruistic movement! Please join us to support children and women in need in some of the most remote and underserved villages of northern India, the birthplace of yoga. ...