Matthieu Ricard and Karuna-Shechen with you during the confinement

In these difficult times, Karuna-Shechen, inspired by its founder Matthieu Ricard, sends its best wishes all around the world : to the sicks and their family, to the medical staff, and to you, our loyal subscribers and donors.

During this worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, we continue more than ever to promote altruism, cultivate it and act on it.

All of us together, in a spirit of brotherhood, let us direct our altruistic thoughts towards those who are in a very precarious situation.

This unprecedented situation for all humanity is an opportunity to think about the interdependence among all beings. Let us concentrate on the happiness of others, let us offer our help when possible and let us take time to cultivate our mind.

Benevolence, social ties and cooperation - the founding values that unite us - are an incredible solution to this great challenge.

Despite the temporary halt of Karuna-Shechen's humanitarian actions in India and Nepal, we continue to keep ourselves informed on a daily basis of the local situation, in close collaboration with our teams on the ground.

Find out more about the situation of the most vulnerable populations and beneficiaries of our solidarity projects:

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Three Inspiring Quotes Transcribed By Matthieu Ricard

By Matthieu Ricard on March 31, 2020

To feel responsible for our loved ones is commendable, but we have the ability to open our mind and accept the responsibility for infinite beings. Why limit our deep sense of tenderness to a few people, when we can extend it to all beings? Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche The underlying sense of uneasiness that we have now is actually a good thin...

Let Us Experience Every Moment To The Fullest

By Matthieu Ricard on March 17, 2020

Dear friends, I wanted to send you my heartiest thoughts and humble prayers in these challenging times. I know that many of you are confused and afraid in the face of the epidemic that is affecting so many people around the world. We must take all necessary precautions for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the entire community aroun...

Women for Positive Change

By Matthieu Ricard on March 02, 2020

Drouk-kar Tsho, our little “Karuna Girl,” turns 20 this year. I first met her in 2005 when she was five years old, while I was visiting a clinic our organization Karuna-Shechen supports in Eastern Tibet. I walked into a dark kitchen, and standing near the hearth was a little girl with a face so pure, her eyes at once laughing yet serious, wh...

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Thought of the week

When heat, moisture, and fertile soil come together, you do whatever you can to sow grain. When you discover a deposit of gold or silver, you do whatever you can to exploit it. When the crops are ready in autumn, you do whatever you can to harvest them. When you have an escort to accompany you on a dangerous path, you redouble your energy. When you have labor and assistants, you accomplish your tasks. Now that you have a precious human life free of all impediments and endowed with all favorable conditions, apply yourself unrelentingly to spiritual practice!

Excerpts from zhabs dkar tshogs drug rang grol gyi bka' 'bum (The Chariot of complete liberation, oral transmissions of the omniscient ones, instructions for all the preliminary practices of Vajrayana), vol. 7 of "Collected works of zhe chen rgyal tshab padma rnam rgyal," Paro, Khyentse Rinpoche, 1975-1994, pp. 77-8

Right now in Karuna-Shechen

Together, let’s write our next chapter

Published on December 05, 2019

Twenty years ago, Matthieu Ricard set out to build a better world for the people of the Himalayan region through the founding of Karuna-Shechen. Working in remote and underserved villages, made poss...

Two decades of Impact

Published on December 05, 2019

20 years ago, Matthieu Ricard decided to use his share of the proceeds from his best-selling book The Monk and the Philosopher to undertake humanitarian projects in the Himalayan region. Inspired ...