Karuna-Shechen - Annual Report 2018

The work of Karuna-Shechen is what is the dearest to my heart! I am therefore pleased to share with you the 2018 report of our projects and activities to improve the living conditions of 380,000 people in remote and underserved areas of Nepal, India, and Tibet.

The vision and work of Karuna-Shechen remains anchored in "altruism in action." We strive to build a more just and humane world, reduce inequality, and provide our beneficiaries with opportunities to improve their lives and realise their full potential.We hope that this report will inspire you to make a donation and continue your active participation with the Karuna-Shechen family.
Happy reading!

Matthieu Ricard

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A Conversation in the Mountain

By Matthieu Ricard on August 06, 2019

A few years ago I went on a hike in the mountains with an eighty-one year old friend who is a brisk walker. After an hour, we reached a 10,000 feet high pass with a view of a breathtaking landscape that stretched for a hundred miles in front of our enchanted eyes. As we sat on a log and gazed at this magnificent scene, he asked me: - Wha...

Meditation Has A Universal Value

By Matthieu Ricard on July 23, 2019

Meditation essentially means to train the mind. The purpose of meditation is to develop qualities such as loving-kindness and attention, as well as a correct understanding of reality. For 2,500 years, Buddhists have used meditation to eliminate ignorance and mental toxins, that is to say destructive emotions, which are the principal causes o...

The Triumph of Selfishness

By Matthieu Ricard on July 09, 2019

Imagine a ship that is sinking and needs all the available power to run the pumps to drain out the rising waters. The first-class passengers refuse to cooperate because they feel hot and want to use the air-conditioner and other electrical appliances. The second-class passengers spend all their time trying to be upgraded to first-class statu...

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Giving, however small, produces great effects;
Even great wealth does little good.
Even if through being generous in the past, I am rich in this life,
If I give nothing in this life, I'll be poor in the next.

From The expanded redaction of the complete works of 'Ju Mi-pham Series, vol.27: The Rdzong sar-prints of the Writings of 'Jam-mgon 'Ju Mi-pham-rgya-mtsho Shechen Publications, Delhi, 1984.

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Beyond donations: expanding solidarity through action

Published on June 25, 2019

The ultimate goal of an altruistic behavior is to do good without being self-serving or differentiating between people. We can all accomplish this by taking into consideration other people's needs, in...