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We are all humans, Greeks, Europeans…

Today, I would like to give our friend Ilios Kotsou the opportunity to draw attention to an often neglected aspect of the suffering endured by the Greek people, caused by the malfeasance of a few of their leaders and of

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Mount Everest, by Matthieu Ricard


Mount Everest (29,028 ft), the highest mountain in the world, on the right Lhotse (27.939 ft), Nuptse (25,791 ft) and other peaks. By helicopter, April 8, 2015. Nepal…

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A license to kill? Six millions lives at stakes every year

Smoking Child (2)

If Philip Morris wins its case against Uruguay forcing them to scrap its laws aimed at safeguarding public health, smoking bans in other countries will also be threatened, and this will give the company a license to kill. A ruling …

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Born to Be Good

I have been very inspired by the research done over the recent years demonstrating that even as infants we are wired to be cooperative and helpful.

At the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig, Michael Tomasello and Felix Warneken have established …

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