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Desire is the source of suffering both in this life and the next. Like moths drawn to the lovely candlelight that destroys them, people are attracted to the pleasing sound of flattery, enticed by the aroma of tobacco, the taste of meat, a lover's soft touch, and the caress of silken robes. Thus people are deceived and destroy the path to their own freedom.
Lured by the sweet sound of a lute, the deer is shot with poisoned arrows; the bee is drawn by the perfume of the flower and is ensnared in its petals; the fish is caught on the hook, unable to resist the taste of the bait; and the elephant, craving contact with its mate, perishes in the quicksand. Beings are enticed by the objects of the senses and are constantly bound up with them.

JIGME LINGPA (1729-1798), Commentary by Kangyur Rinpoche
Jigme Lingpa (rig dzin 'jigs med gling pa, 1729-1798) The Treasury of Precious qualities (yon tan rin po che'i mdzod), commented by Kangyur Rinpoche, Longchen Yeshe Dorje: Shambhala 2010, commentary on verse 5