Thought of the week

The alternation of thoughts
Of happiness and suffering, desire and aversion,
Is nothing more than the play
Of luminous emptiness and mind.
Without altering whatever arises,
Look at its nature,
And you will perceive it as great bliss.

Minling Terchen Terdag Lingpa, Gyurme Dorje (smin gling gling gter bdag chen gter pa 'gyur med rdo rje, 1646-1714).In smin gling gter chen rig 'dzin 'gyur med rdo rje'i gsung 'bum, Dehra Dun, DG Khochhen Tulku, 1998, Vol.6 (CHA), p. 90-91. Translated at Yan-nga in the hills of western China August 8, 1988.