Preserving Health: How Our Programs Inform, Empower, and Promote Well-being

For rural populations in India and Nepal, prevention is the best medicine. Karuna-Shechen focuses on prevention by informing and training villagers on proper nutrition, first aid, and hygiene practices, with a special focus on women and girls.

Karuna-Shechen’s Nutrition Program aims to prevent malnutrition by increasing awareness, information, and training in remote and under-served communities. Their First Aid Response program trains villagers to respond to the health needs of their neighbors, making communities healthier, safer, and more self-reliant. They also foster greater awareness among rural women and break taboos surrounding female health issues through their Health and Hygiene program.

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Learn more about how Matthieu Ricard’s organization, Karuna-Shechen, is preserving health and promoting the well-being of people in need in the Himalayas :


The Bigger the Ego, the More Vulnerable We Are - Part 4

By Matthieu Ricard on April 09, 2019

What is the best way to react to a "super-ego"? The only answer it is to develop a different culture, a different mindset. Is this realistic? Violence has been decreasing for five centuries. Life in Europe has never been as safe as it is today. On a global level too, torture, slavery, wars and human rights violations are declining....

The Bigger the Ego, the More Vulnerable We Are - Part 3

By Matthieu Ricard on March 26, 2019

What was your new life like when you became a disciple? Kangyur Rinpoche taught me various practices: meditations, visualizations, reflection exercises on eternity, death, the value of life. He advised me to learn Tibetan. I first focused on the exercises and then on the language. I stayed with him until his death. My second teacher, Dil...

The Bigger the Ego, the More Vulnerable We Are - Part 2

By Matthieu Ricard on March 11, 2019

Buddhism is a training of the mind. Can you explain what this means? It is about abolishing the origin of suffering. What is the point of teaching if it doesn't bring relief? A lot of suffering is "mind-made", created in the head, in our thoughts. In meditation, we learn to recognize the feelings that cause it such as anger, pride or jea...

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Compassion and generosity must be accompanied by detachment. Expecting something in return for them is like doing business. If the owner of a restaurant is all smiles with his customers, it is not because he loves them but because he wants to increase his turnover. When we love and help others, it should not be because we find a particular individual likeable but because we see that all beings, whether we think of them as friends or enemies, want to be happy and have the right to happiness.

Oral Teachings given in Schvenedingen Germany, 1998.

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Towards a More Equal World: Our Programs for and with Women

Published on February 28, 2019

Women play a key role in reducing poverty and inequality, and creating a more altruistic world. Karuna-Shechen gives Indian and Nepalese women the opportunity to embody that change: for themselves, th...

Women: key players in development

Published on February 26, 2019

Many social disparities exist in our society, particularly between men and women, in areas of education, health services, professional opportunities, and justice. In fact, out of 796 million illite...