World Earth Day - From Inspiration to Action

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The spectacle of nature is a source of wonder that drives us to act.

"Wonder at the wilderness alone will not solve the ecological crisis, but it will, I hope, generate awareness and respect." says Matthieu Ricard in his latest photo book, Wonderment.

"The beauty of our world and of life in all its forms encourages us to keep our eyes open to inequality and climate change. In doing so, wonder inspires us and motivates us to act towards a more altruistic world."

To learn more about the sustainable actions of Karuna-Shechen, the organization founded by Matthieu Ricard, please click here!

Together, let's have the courage of compassion!


Altruism As the Ariadne Thread of a More Humane Economy

By Matthieu Ricard on May 19, 2020

In this current era, we are confronted with many challenges. One of our main problems consists of reconciling the demands of the economy, the search for happiness, and respect for the environment. These imperatives correspond to three-time scales— short, middle, and long term— on which three types of interests are superimposed: ours, the int...

Mindful Presence

By Matthieu Ricard on April 28, 2020

Very often, our mind is carried away by a multitude of thought sequences where ruminations of the past are mixed with projections into the future. We are distracted, scattered, confused and, as a result, disconnected from the most immediate and closest reality. We barely perceive what is happening at the moment: the world around us, our sens...

Two Inspiring Quotes Transcribed By Matthieu Ricard

By Matthieu Ricard on April 14, 2020

[…] if one were to summarize the Buddha's teaching in one word, we would have to say that it is universal interdependence, of which nonviolence is a natural consequence. Since we are all dependent on each other and all other beings want to be happy and not suffer, just as I do, my personal happiness and suffering are inextricably linked with...

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Like a shooting star, a mirage, a flame,
An optical illusion, dewdrops, bubbles in water,
A dream, a lightning-flash, and a cloud:
Thus consider all composite things.

Buddha Shakyamuni Udanavarga (ched du mjod pa'i mtshoms), a collection of verses taken from the Buddhist canon compiled by Dharmatrata (early fourth century)

Right now in Karuna-Shechen

Together, let’s write our next chapter

Published on December 05, 2019

Twenty years ago, Matthieu Ricard set out to build a better world for the people of the Himalayan region through the founding of Karuna-Shechen. Working in remote and underserved villages, made poss...

Two decades of Impact

Published on December 05, 2019

20 years ago, Matthieu Ricard decided to use his share of the proceeds from his best-selling book The Monk and the Philosopher to undertake humanitarian projects in the Himalayan region. Inspired ...