Why Photography?

For the last forty years, I have been taking photographs of my spiritual teachers and the world around them in the Himalayas. My main aspiration in doing so was to share the incredible beauty, strength and depth that I have been fortunate to witness.

I have attempted to open a door into a world both ancient and yet remarkably relevant to our times; and to provide an inside glimpse of a unique culture that, despite the upheavals in its homeland, still survives in all its authenticity. Even in intense suffering there can be dignity, even in the face of destruction there can be hope. This is particularly true for Tibet and its people, who, against all odds, have succeeded in retaining their joy, inner strength and confidence. The same can be said of the remarkable countries of Bhutan and Nepal, where I live.

I may not take a photograph for months. Then a day comes when people, places, and light arise in such a beautiful way that I can’t resist making an image of it with the wish to share it with others.

Through photography, I want to inspire hope and reveal the beauty of human nature. According to the Buddhist teachings, buddha-nature is present in every living being. Landscapes and portraits can lead us from an understanding of outer beauty to that of the inner beauty of spiritual awakening and the boundless positive human qualities that are present in all of us.