Nepal earthquakes: Karuna-Shechen’s action – 2

With our network of partners, since the first quake in Nepal, Karuna-Shechen has helped 140,135 people in 379 villages, bringing essential medical, food and relief aid to the most vulnerable populations.

We have also put in place a special program for pregnant women and new mothers. On top of their normal food rations, they receive iron, calcium and vitamin B supplements as well as extra nutritious food.

Close to 90% of our relief work is carried out by local people (volunteers and local partners) who have an excellent knowledge of the terrain and the communities we are helping. This has allowed to us to reach the most isolated and vulnerable, as well as quickly assess and respond to their needs.

We are still concentrating our efforts on villages that do not fall within other NGOs emergency priorities because their size and isolation, and on communities who have little or no means of accessing relief funds and/or materials from donors. These communities represent a very large chunk of the affected population.

For full ongoing information on Karuna-Shechen’s action in Nepal following the earthquakes, visit the dedicated page of Karuna-Shechen’s website.