Let Us Experience Every Moment To The Fullest


Dear friends,

I wanted to send you my heartiest thoughts and humble prayers in these challenging times. I know that many of you are confused and afraid in the face of the epidemic that is affecting so many people around the world.

We must take all necessary precautions for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the entire community around us.

In wealthy countries, we have gradually come to believe that humanity has mastered nature and can dominate it at will.

We constantly seek material comfort and place all our expectations and fears in external conditions, often pursuing superficial interests through the acquisition of ever more possessions, gadgets of all kinds, and pleasant sensations.

The current situation is a reminder of the fragility of life and the illusory nature of the control we think we have over the world around us.

But these unfavorable circumstances can also allow us to revisit our priorities in life, to become more clearly aware of what really counts in our existence, and to put friendship, benevolence, social ties, the quality of relationships with others, mutual aid and cooperation, and all that contributes to a life worth living, back at the center of our aspirations.

Although physical isolation today is an altruistic act towards society, in order to avoid unintentionally spreading the epidemic, we must nonetheless redouble our concern for our human brothers and sisters, and ensure that we take care of people in difficulty, especially the elderly who live alone. Let us give every passing moment its full value and understand how precious our lives and the lives of others are.

Let us therefore take advantage of the trial we are all going through together to cultivate benevolence towards all and compassion for those who suffer, opening ourselves to the kindness of others and giving them our own.

Whatever time we have left to live, hopefully as long as possible, let us experience each moment to the fullest with kindness, inner freedom and inner peace. Let’s also contemplate the deep and unchanging nature of our own mind, which is always present behind the whirlwind of thoughts.

I therefore send you my humble wishes and prayers, especially to those who are directly affected by the epidemic.

Take care of yourselves and take care of others.