Matthieu Ricard is the founder of Karuna-Shechen, a charitable non-profit organization rooted in the ideal of compassion in action. Since 2000, Karuna-Shechen has been developing and managing programs in primary health care, education, and social services for the under-served populations of India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Karuna-Shechen works with local partners to ensure that the programs it develops respond to the specific needs and aspirations of the communities they serve, while preserving and utilizing their unique cultural heritages. Special attention is given to the education and empowerment of women and girls.

With its staff in direct contact with the populations involved in the projects, Karuna-Shechen's activities have a significant impact on individuals, their families, and their communities. The support for the projects is raised by Matthieu Ricard and Karuna-Shechen's four worldwide non-profit branches.

In 2015, over 400,000 people benefited from Karuna-Shechen’s programs. Examples of recent projects completed by Karuna-Shechen in the last two years include building schools in remote locations, the installation of solar electricity in villages in Nepal and India, a comprehensive earthquake relief program in Nepal, and a non-formal education program and vocational training for disadvantaged women in India.

Karuna-Shechen continues to develop and grow in order to better help the populations it serves. Please consider joining its efforts with your support.