The Journey from Personal Transformation to Societal Change

After so long under lockdown, what better lunch companion than the “happiest man in the world”? Matthieu Ricard, a biologist-turned-Buddhist, French interpreter to the Dalai Lama, will join us to talk about his personal journey from France to the Himalaya Mountains, his encounter with Buddhism, the practice of meditation and its link to photography, and finally the climate crisis.

Our era is confronted with many challenges: during the Anthropocene (“era of humans”), for the first time in history, human activities are profoundly modifying (and currently degrading) the entire system that maintains life on earth. Evaluating the capacities for both individual and collective transformation is important if we want to encourage the development of a more altruistic society and a better world. In this conversation, we will examine how we go from personal transformation to societal change.

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