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Himalayan foothills, by Matthieu Ricard

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The foothills of the Himalayas seen from the retreat centre of Pema Osel Ling, the ‘Land of the Lotus of Light’, at Namo Buddha in Nepal. (2004)

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Late afternoon in the Himalayas. Seen from Namo Buddha, Nepal. (2006)

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    2 February 2015
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    7 February 2015
    Basel, Switzerland
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    Pewar Rinpoche, a contemporary Tibetan master from the Derge province (Eastern Tibet, 2007)

    Thought of the week

    You might ask: “If the nature of buddhahood is in me, why can’t I perceive it right away?” It is because, like gold hidden in its matrix, that nature is hidden by the tendencies we have accumulated since time immemorial, tendencies that have themselves been created by mental poisons and then reinforced by the actions that those disturbances have produced.
    SHECHEN GYALTSAP (1871-1926)
    Excerpts from rdo rje theg pa’i thun mong gi sngon ’gro spyi la sbyor chog pa’i khrid yig kun mkhyen zhal lung rnam grol shing rta, op. cit., p. 361
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