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Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

Altruism, Matthieu Ricard’s new masterwork, presents a global vision based on decades of personal experience and insight,
a road map for the 21st century. This English translation of his best-selling book will be available in late May-early June.

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Sacred Dances, by Matthieu Ricard - 2



During the public rehearsal of an annual festival of sacred dances at Shechen Monastery in Nepal, the dancers do not wear masks or costumes but add multicolored scarves to their monastic dress. Here, they practice the dance of one of the Eight manifestation of Guru Padmasambhava, Senge Drakdrok (Lion’s roar). 29 March 2015

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Little Nepali boy from a Samata Shiksha Niketan bamboo school (Nepal, 2009-2011)

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Just as a little salt—a few fractions of a measure—can make a small amount of water taste salty but cannot change a huge river like the Ganges, know that, in the same way, even a small negative action can harm someone whose positive deeds are weak but cannot harm anyone who has frequently performed immensely positive actions, vast in scope. So we should try to perform powerful positive actions repeatedly on a vast scale.
Comment for verse 44 of the Letter to a friend of Nagarjuna, by Kangyur Rinpoche. For a full version of this text and commentary, see Nagarjuna's Letter to a friend, Snow Lion 2006.
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