Beyond Species-ism

By Matthieu Ricard on October 08, 2017

In the twentieth century, at the end of the 1960s and in the 1970s, a new animal movement arose, the effects of which have continued to grow down to the present day. This movement has set the stage for a major change in the attitude toward animals in Western societies. A half century after the publication of Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle...

Photographs of Patrul Rinpoche?

By Matthieu Ricard on September 22, 2017

Enlightened Vagabond is a book that I have had the good fortune to have worked on and translated. It contains over one hundred stories about the life and teachings of Dza Patrul Rinpoche (1808 – 1887). This perfect model of a genuine spiritual master spent most of his life as a wandering hermit, giving teachings wherever he went. Over the...

Matthieu Ricard On Photography

By Matthieu Ricard on September 05, 2017

On the occasion of the publication of my first photo book, Journey to Enlightenment (now reprinted as The Spirit of Tibet, Aperture, New York) Henri Cartier-Bresson most kindly sent me this note : “Matthieu's camera and his spiritual life make one, and from this spring these images, fleeting and eternal." (Henri-Cartier Bresson 12 Nov...

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Thought of the week

Whether others are beautiful or ugly, benevolent or cruel, they are all sentient beings like us. And like us, they want to be happy and not suffer, which is their right, just like us. Recognizing that all beings are equal in their aspirations and their right to happiness, we feel a sense of empathy that brings us closer to them. As we get accustomed to this impartial altruism, we finally experience a sense of universal responsibility.

Summarized and adapted from Les voies spirituelles du bonheur, Presses du Chatelet, Paris, 2002; Points Sagesse, Seuil, 2004. English version: The Compassionate Life, Shambhala 2003


A Case For Freedom of Expression Based on Altruism

Published on March 24, 2017

Freedom is clearly a basic need for all living beings. Without it people, and animals, can suffer and feel imprisoned. Humans have fought for freedom as a right. But with freedom should come a sen...

How to be happy, per the Happiest Man in the World

Published on March 12, 2017

He’s been hailed the happiest man in the world. And even if Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan Buddhist monk and author of “Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill,” pooh-poohs that l...

Right now in Karuna-Shechen

Healing with Compassion

Published on October 09, 2017

Lack of trust in the unfamiliar is a problem for a large number of Nepalese people — and a roadblock to receiving the health care they require. If they do not trust the provider or if cultural diver...

Nurses at the Shechen Clinic in Nepal

Published on September 28, 2017

A warm smile, a comforting hand, and attention to the needs of others - these are some of the qualities shared by the nurses in our clinic in Kathmandu. We asked two of them why they were working with...