Thought of the week

Getting butter from milk is only possible because milk already contains cream. No one ever made butter by churning water. The prospector looks for gold in rocks and not in wood chips. Likewise, the quest for perfect enlightenment only makes sense because buddha-nature is already present in every being. Without that nature, all efforts would be futile.

Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye, Yonten Gyatso ('jam mgon kong sprul blo gros mtha' yas, yon tan rgya mtsho, 1813-1899), taken from bla med nang rgyud sde gsum gyi rgyab chos padma'i zhal gdams lam rim ye snying 'grel pa ye shes snang ba, Jamgön Kongtrul's commentary on the lam rim ye shes snying po, included in the rin chen gter mdzod chen mo, vol.63. Paro, Sherab Ngodrup Drimey, 1976 and Shechen Publications, new edition in press.