Thought of the week

If you want to totally free yourself from suffering, it is important to distinguish what to do from what not to do since you cannot hope to taste the fruit of beneficial actions that you have not done, nor escape the consequences of your own harmful actions. After death, you will follow the course traced by your actions, good and bad. Now that you have a choice between two paths, one that leads up and one that leads down, do not act in a way opposed to your deepest wishes. Practice all possible beneficial actions, even the smallest. Doesn't the accumulation of little drops end up filling a large jar?

Jetsun Mingyur Paldrön (mi 'gyur dpal sgron, 1699-1769), from bka' gsang rdzogs pa chen po dkon mchog spyi 'dus khrid yig man ngag gsal sgron snying po published by D.G. Khochen Tulku, Mindroling Monastery, Clement Town, India, p. 17-18