The Emanated Scripture of Manjushri

By Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol - Translated by Sean Price

The Emanated Scripture of Manjushri is quite unique in Tibetan literature, not only because of its being written in the form of questions and answers, alternating verse and prose, but because it is a compendium of short teachings that presents a limpid, concise, and yet profound instruction on the entire graded path to enlightenment. It does so in a nonsectarian manner typical of Shabkar’s approach. This graded path takes us first through a thorough presentation of the “mind training” (Lojong) teachings, based on Je Tsongkhapa’s Great Graded Path (Lam rim chen mo), to pith instructions, essential teachings on the nature of mind according to the Mahamudra tradition of Milarepa, practical explanations on the songs of realization, or dohas, of Saraha, and culminates with the ultimate teachings of the Great Perfection, Dzogchen, the pinnacle of the Nine Vehicles.

Thus, in twenty-three pieces of advice, Shabkar elucidates the essentials of spiritual practice: the need to renounce the world, to rely on a spiritual master, and to unite meditation on emptiness with compassion. He explains how to meditate, how to apply in daily life the insights thus gained, and how to mingle one’s mind with the guru’s mind and liberate thoughts as they arise. Shabkar’s style is crisp and effective, as if he had intended to define each step of the contemplative life in the briefest yet most complete and inspiring way for practitioners.”—from the introduction by Matthieu Ricard.

News & Reviews

“I am extremely grateful to Gelong Tenzin Jamchen (Sean Price) for kindly offering to the eyes and minds of countless readers and dharma practitioners this inspiring and accurate translation of these most precious teachings.” —from the introduction by Matthieu Ricard

“The meditation instructions of Shabkar contained in The Emanated Scripture of Manjushri are clear, profound, and extremely useful for meditation practice. They will doubtlessly bring great benefit to all who contemplate them. I wholeheartedly rejoice in Gelong Sean Price’s accurate translation and offer my prayers that the enlightened aspiration of Shabkar will be fulfilled.” —Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche

“Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol was an astonishing, highly realized master of Vajrayana Buddhism. He lived the simple life of a hermit, yet his activity and view were extremely vast and all-encompassing. I’m sure that anyone who reads The Emanated Scripture of Manjushri will be struck by Shabkar’s simple yet extremely profound contemplations.” —Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche

“Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol’s inspiring text The Emanated Scripture of Manjushri is skillfully and eloquently translated into English by Venerable Sean Price. . . . English readers will rejoice in this accomplishment as it gives them an opportunity to examine more deeply the traditional stages of development on the path that extracts the essence of both sutra and tantra. Moreover, they will learn how to directly apply this wisdom that comes from the mind of one of Tibet’s most honored and truly nonsectarian yogi-bodhisattvas.” —Sangye Khandro, founder of Light of Berotsana Translation Group