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A Piece of Advice

The thoughts of happiness and suffering, desire and aversion,
Are none else than the clear voidness of mind.
Without modifying whatever arises,
Look at its nature, and it will manifest as great bliss.

Now that you obtained this human existence,
Focus all your energy on practicing the sublime Dharma.

There is no way you can complete all your works; and there so many to be done–
Simply throw away all meaningless distractions.

Even if you have knocked off an enemy, many more will arise,
Simply tremple down your single enemy –the passions of mind.

Even relatives and friends get along well now, they are easy to upset;
Relations of this life are just cause of torment.

You may amass wealth, but it is hard to be satisfied;
It is far more profound to sever the ties of greed.

When those whom you relied upon deceive you,
Rely from your heart upon the undeceiving Three Jewels.

Excerpt from an Advice by Minling Terdag Lingpa (1646-1714)
Translation by M.R.