Advocacy for Altruisme, The Strength of Kindness (in French)

Mathieu Ricard will be back in the ToHu in Montreal on 16 and 18 November 2013 at 7:30 pm. He will talk about his new book: Advocacy for Altruism, the Strength of Kindness. He will present altruism as the breadcrumb trail that could help us find our way throughout the labyrinth of the current globalized world: how to reconcile economic requirements with the search for happiness and the ecological concerns?

Matthieu Ricard, PhD, is a Buddhist monk who went from a scientific career as a molecular biologist in France to the study of Buddhism in the Himalayas 40 years ago. French interpreter for the Dalai Lama since 1989, he mainly lives in Nepal.

All the proceeds of the lecture will be donated to his humanitarian organization Karuna Shechen, which provides health care, education, and social services for the under-served populations of India, Nepal, and Tibet. See

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