Advocacy for Altruism, Advocacy for Animals conference by Matthieu Ricard, in French

For the 4th year, TOHU has the honour to welcome Matthieu Ricard, this time with two conferences and two meet-and-greet events benefitting victims of the Nepal earthquake.

In the first event—Advocacy for Altruism, Advocacy for Animals— Matthieu Ricard talks to us about the power of kindness. In Introduction to Meditation, he reveals the fundamental principles of the practice. These two conferences are preceded by a meetand- greet event: October 29, a Happy Hour with an interview by renowned journalist and presenter Isabelle Maréchal. October 31, a lunchtime conversation between Nicole Bordeleau—Quebec expert on stress management and the art of well-being—and Matthieu Ricard. These are unique opportunities over two days to hear the Buddhist monk speak.

Presented in French only.
Packages available!

Profits will be given to the Karuna-Shechen Canada Foundation.
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Mattthieu Banepa School Nepal 9