Thought of the week

Whatever you do—walking, eating, sitting, and so forth—abandon laziness, indolence, apathy, negligence, and distraction. Master the habitual patterns that make you resist any change in your body, speech, and mind, even in the most insignificant activities. Once you have embarked on the path of liberation, it is inappropriate to behave in an ordinary way: observe your mind all the time with vigilance and lucidity. If you have committed a negative act, regret it and promise never to do it again. Be glad if you have committed none.

Excerpts from zhabs dkar tshogs drug rang grol gyi bka' 'bum (The Chariot of complete liberation, oral transmissions of the omniscient ones, instructions for all the preliminary practices of Vajrayana), vol. 7 of "Collected works of zhe chen rgyal tshab padma rnam rgyal," Paro, Khyentse Rinpoche, 1975-1994, pp. 77-8