Anytime Anywhere Meditation World Premiere

From June 30, 2023 to July 02, 2023

Because awareness is as present in our lives as the air we breathe, we can access it anywhere, anytime.” —Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Anytime Anywhere Meditation is an essential new program that makes the practice of meditation accessible and meaningful. This seminar, the official launch of the program, will be led by Mingyur Rinpoche himself and will focus on the transformative effects of meditation.

With his well-known lively style, Rinpoche will share methods that allow us to reveal our innate qualities. He will show us that meditation isn't something rigid and that we don't have to change ourselves to be happy — we just need to discover what we already have inside of us.

World renowned figures from the world of meditation will also be present and will share anecdotes and scientific evidence highlighting the benefits of developing a practice.

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