Pleasure and Happiness: The Great Mix-up (part 2)

By Matthieu Ricard on July 17, 2018

Kangyur Rinpoche. Photo by Matthieu Ricard For the ancient Greeks, the word eudaimonia conveyed the notion of accomplishment, of flourishing, of deep long-term fulfillment. While pleasure corresponds to hedonism, happiness corresponds to eudaimonia. Similarly, in Buddhism, the word soukha refers to an exceptionally healthy state of mi...

Pleasure and Happiness: The Great Mix-up (part 1)

By Matthieu Ricard on July 03, 2018

One of the most common errors we make is to confuse pleasure for happiness. According to a Hindu proverb: “Pleasure is only the shadow of happiness”. Pleasure is the direct result of hedonistic, pleasurable sensual, esthetic, or intellectual stimuli. This fleeting experience of pleasure is dependent upon circumstances, on a specific locati...

A Personal Daily Practice and Why?

By Matthieu Ricard on June 19, 2018

This is an excerpt from my book, In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, a Philosopher, and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most.* The book is a discussion between three close friends: myself, the philosopher Alexandre Jollien, and psychiatrist Christophe André. In this edited excerpt we share our views on the practicalities and importance of a daily p...

Letter to the Pope

By Matthieu Ricard on June 05, 2018

The following is a letter I wrote in Switzerland at the repeated request of Emmanuel Tagnard, a religious journalist from Radio Télévision Suisse, who collected for letters for the Pope from people at different stages of a journey he took by foot from Switzerland to Rome. It was part of a series of seventeen letters to the Pope that he colle...

Celebrating the Publications of the 71-volume Collection of the Rinchen Terdzö

By Matthieu Ricard on May 21, 2018

On the 29th of March, 2018, a joyful celebration, led by Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, was held at Shechen monastery in Nepal to commemorate the completion of the new edition and publication of the 71 volumes of the Rinchen Terdzö Chenmo, The Great Treasury of Rediscovered Teachings. A thanksgiving ceremony was performed to express deep gratitude...

Science and Buddhism

By Matthieu Ricard on May 08, 2018

Part of an Ongoing Series on Buddhism Demysitified Science can be defined as a rigorous empirical investigation of reality with the goal of discovering and explaining natural phenomena and predicting how they function. Its field of study covers not only external phenomena, something that physics and biology focus on, but also the way in w...

Buddhism and Individualism

By Matthieu Ricard on April 24, 2018

Buddhism is sometimes accused of being individualistic and indifferent to the needs of others and the world. This criticism is paradoxical if we understand that one of the cornerstones of Buddhism’s approach is to deconstruct the ego, and one of its main goals is to give rise to unconditional compassion for all beings. Such biases stem fro...

Beginning Meditation

By Matthieu Ricard on April 12, 2018

In our modern world, we are consumed from morning till night with endless activity. We do not have much time or energy left over to consider the basic causes of our happiness or suffering. If we take an honest look at ourselves, it is easy to see that we are a mixture of light and shadow, of good qualities and defects. The aim of meditation is ...

Buddhism Demystified

By Matthieu Ricard on April 02, 2018

Derge press in Tibet where precious Buddhist texts are stored and printed The First in a Series of Notes about Buddhism Buddhism is often defined as being a philosophy, religion, art of living, and so on. But what are the key points that define Buddhism according to the Buddha himself and qualified masters whose commentaries illuminate ...

Guided meditation by Matthieu Ricard

By Matthieu Ricard on March 20, 2018

For more about meditation see Why Meditate? by Matthieu Ricard, published by Hay House. In the UK, The Art of Meditation, published by Atlantic Press.