Words of Alexandre Jollien — 3

By Matthieu Ricard on February 14, 2013


On violence in the media: ‟It is a trivialization of evil which suggests that what is sensational is to takeover the other. However, what is truly sensational is ordinary day to day heroism — a smile given every day to the old lady who is our neighbor, giving a hand to someone. We must rehabilitate gratuitous acts.”

On the exploitation of animals: ‟When the individual becomes king, he evaluates every according to his own interests and rules over the life of another sentient being.”

On the environment: ‟The ‘I', by estranging itself from its environment, eventually despises everything and instrumentalizes it. To take into account all those who will be born in this world is to get out of the ‘me only' attitude and expand the circle of my interests to embrace all sentient beings.”

On daring altruism: ‟Altruism is audacious precisely because it collapses the old benchmarks set by the ‘me first' attitude. Altruism is to learn again to be truly free of alienating limitations that make us prisoners of what we believe we are.”