The ten things that make us vulnerable

By Matthieu Ricard on May 28, 2012

1.  An exacerbated sense of self-importance

2.  To keep ruminating on the past

3.  To be full of anxiety about the future

4.  Not to be able to rest in the awareness of the present moment

5.  To put all our hopes and fears on the outer conditions of happiness

6.  To neglect cultivating inner conditions of genuine happiness: inner peace, inner freedom, altruistic love, and compassion.

7.  To seek a selfish happiness

8.  To relate to the suffering of others in a self-centered way. (Instead, we need to relate to the suffering of others with altruistic love and compassion; this method will increase our courage and détermination to care for them).

9.  To be overly concerned by pleasant or unpleasant feelings, gain and loss, praise and criticism, fame and anonymity.

10.  To distort reality by constantly superimposing mental projections upon others and the outside world.