Outer and inner conditions

By Matthieu Ricard on March 26, 2010

When we are thrown into confusion by inner troubles, we have no idea how to soothe them and instinctively turn outward. We try cobbling together makeshift solutions and looking for outer conditions that are supposed to make us happy. By force of habit, this way of living becomes the norm and ‟that's life!” our motto.
Although the search for transient, hedonic happiness may occasionally be successful, it is never possible to control the quantity, quality, or duration of outer circumstances.

We must therefore pay to the inner transformation of our experience all the attention it deserves.
If happiness is a state that depends on inner conditions, each of us must recognize those conditions with awareness and then bring them together.
Happiness is not given to us, nor is misery imposed. At every moment we are at a crossroads and must choose the direction we will take.