Meditation on joy and impartiality - 3

By Matthieu Ricard on January 13, 2014

There are many beings in this world who possess immense qualities and benefit others in multiple ways. Let's sincerely rejoice in their accomplishments, and wish that their qualities may never decline but endure and grow. The capacity to celebrate the best qualities of others also acts as an antidote to envy and jealousy. The latter reflects an inability to rejoice in the achievements and happiness of others. Rejoicing is also a cure for discouragement and to a dark, hopeless view of the world and of human beings.


Impartiality is an essential element to the previous three meditations. The wish that all beings be freed from suffering and its causes must indeed be universal. It should not depend on our biased preferences or on the way others treat us. Compassion for instance aims at remove all kinds of suffering, wherever they might be and whichever form they might take. Let us be like the doctor whose only wish is to cure his patients, regardless of their behavior. If someone acts in a malevolent way, consider him as a mentally deranged person who needs to be cured from his ailment rather than treated with animosity. As the sun shines equally on the good and the bad, on a dirty pond as on a pure lake, impartial love and compassion must be extended to all beings without distinction.