Changing Human Behavior

By Matthieu Ricard on December 12, 2017

Matthieu Animals 10 Sbis

Matthieu Ricard's A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion (2016, Shambhala Books) was recently released in paperback. The book underscores a commitment to heightened awareness of human impacts on the lives of animals worldwide:

We live in an essentially interdependent world where the fate of each being, of whatever kind, is intimately linked to that of all the others. So what we are suggesting here is not concern for animals only but concern for animals also.

Such an approach does not involve humanizing animals or animalizing humans; rather it is a matter of extending benevolence and kindness to all. Reaching out in this way is more about taking a responsible attitude toward all that is around us than about making choices concerning what we should do with the limited resources we possess for action in the world.

On December 4th, Matthieu Ricard delivered the inaugural speech for the 10th annual Asia for Animals Coalition Conference hosted by The Jane Goodall Institute Nepal under the theme ‘Changing Human Behavior.'

The Kathmandu, Nepal conference brought together 23 of the world’s leading animal welfare organizations from over 30 countries, with a major focus on improving conditions for animals worldwide.

Matthieu Ricard's talk focused on the importance of acknowledging all creatures as integral to a peaceful balance in nature and the key role humans can have to work for the betterment of all sentient beings on earth.

Karuna-Shechen, the non-profit co-founded by Matthieu Ricard, recently developed a Mobile Veterinary Clinic in rural India. An offshoot of their highly successful health care unit which travels to remote villages, the program launched in direct response to observations made in the field. Animals suffering from disease, ailments, and injuries – were not receiving the medical care they needed. Karuna-Shechen assembled a team of professionals, including a trained veterinarian, equipped a vehicle with medical supplies, and tapped their network of partners to facilitate logistics and spread the word within the villages.

All proceeds from the sale of Matthieu Ricards books, photography and speaking engagements benefit the humanitarian projects of Karuna-Shechen.