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Altruism in action

By Matthieu Ricard on May 31, 2019

Altruism is a natural manifestation of human goodness, of which we all have the potential, despite the many, often selfish, motivations that cross and sometimes dominate our minds. Choosing altruism over selfishness The search for selfish happiness is doomed to fail for several reasons. Being self-obsessed leads us to look at the world...

Environment & Altruism

By Matthieu Ricard on May 21, 2019

Recently during the course of only one day I heard these facts about the environment: 1) The Greenland glaciers are melting much faster than previously thought. This is because of the cumulated effects of the melting ice and the acceleration of the movement of the glaciers toward the sea. We know that the complete melting of the Greenland ...