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It’s Time to Enter the “Age of the Woman”

By Matthieu Ricard on February 25, 2019

Until twelve thousand years ago, before humans had developed agriculture and animal husbandry, people lived in small hunter-gatherer societies that displayed equality, reciprocity, and cooperation between the sexes. A few thousand years later our world, and the place of women in society, had changed. One of the many challenges contemporary...

The Bigger the Ego, the More Vulnerable We Are

By Matthieu Ricard on February 12, 2019

Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche (1897-1975), one of the great Tibetan teachers of the twentieth century. Leaving aside a promising career in molecular biology, Matthieu Ricard chose instead to become a Buddhist monk and has never regretted it. French interpreter to the Dalai Lama, today he travels the world in an effort to bridge the gap between...