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By Matthieu Ricard on December 31, 2019

It is good to abandon what is superfluous, futile, and useless as quickly as possible and not cling to these from force of habit. If I go hiking in the mountain, and midway I find that my backpack is half-filled with provisions and half-filled with stones, I would, of course, gladly get rid of the latter. Likewise, in life, there are so ma...

No Identification With Our Suffering

By Matthieu Ricard on December 16, 2019

We usually identify completely with our suffering and become one with it. Yet, even when they torment us the most, we are not our suffering in the same way that we are not the sickness when afflicted by some ailment. To achieve fulfilment in this life, it is most important to understand that suffering is an illness that affects us all to ...

Ecological Footprint

By Matthieu Ricard on December 03, 2019

The blog below is an extract from Matthieu Ricard's book Altruism. If you would like to deepen your reading experience, we invite you to have a look at the entire book, which you can get from there: The way of life of this individualist minority—often the most rich—is such that its ecological footpr...