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Why Should I Meditate ? (part 2)

By Matthieu Ricard on June 27, 2017

What is meditation ? Meditation is a practice that makes it possible to cultivate and develop certain basic positive human qualities in the same way as other forms of training make it possible to play a musical instrument or acquire any other skill. Among several Asian words that translate as “meditation” in English are bhavana from San...

Climate Change : The Audacity of Altruism (part 2)

By Matthieu Ricard on June 14, 2017

Impact of Anthropocene Era For many of us, the notion of “simplicity” evokes a privation, a narrowing of our possibilities and an impoverishment of existence. Experience shows, however, that a voluntary simplicity in no way entails a diminution of happiness, but on the contrary brings with it a better quality of life. Is it more enjoyable...

A black day for America, a black day for the world. Let’s dare to be altruistic

By Matthieu Ricard on June 02, 2017

Repelling of Obamacare, quitting Paris climate agreement. How sad! The president of the United States shows no compassion for the people of our times, but depriving them of healthcare, and no compassion for future generations by depriving them of a good planet. But let’s not lose courage. Let’s remember Marthin Luther King : “Every man must ...