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Magic moments-2

By Matthieu Ricard on January 08, 2012

The Tsangpo River seen from the hill of Hepori, near Samye Monastery in central Tibet. The river becomes the Brahmaputra in India, after gushing down the breathtaking gorges that surround the Namchak Barwa Mountain. (MR 130-BW)

Magic Moments-1

By Matthieu Ricard on January 04, 2012

Situated in the great loop of the Brahmaputra, one of the last places on earth to remain unexplored until the late twentieth century, the snowy peak of Namchak Barwa rises to 7,756 meters (25,439 feet). Here the majestic river, called the Tsangpo in Tibet, plunges between the mountains to emerge one hundred miles further on, 2,700 meters lowe...