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Glimpses from the Roof of the World-5

By Matthieu Ricard on August 17, 2012

Sacred dance festival at Shechen in Eastern Tibet Students from a school built by Karuna-Shechen in the valley of Shechen in Eastern Tibet Elèvse de l'école construite par Karuna-Shechen dans la vallée de Shechen au Tibet Oriental

Glimpses from the Roof of the World-1

By Matthieu Ricard on August 02, 2012

‟Golden Milk Lake” located above 13000' of altitude, west of Kyerkhu in Eastern Tibet. A sacred lake where Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche had a vision of the mandala of Amtitayus appearing on the surface of the lake.

The anti-narcissism cure: using criticism as a teacher

By Matthieu Ricard on July 25, 2012

The great Tibetan master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991) often taught on how to use criticism to improve oneself instead of feeling injured in one's self-esteem. ‟When you are criticized, accept it as an opportunity to acknowledge your hidden faults and increase your humility. Criticism is like a teacher, destroying attachment and pri...

The Hermit

By Matthieu Ricard on July 21, 2012

The vocation of the hermit is often misunderstood. The hermit does not withdraw from the world because he feels rejected, because he can find nothing better to do than wander in the mountains, or because he is unable to assume his responsibilities. He decides to leave, a decision which may seem extreme, because he realizes that he cannot cont...

How to Deal with Stress

By Matthieu Ricard on July 17, 2012

Two hundred young scientists working on research on ‟the embodied mind” attended the recent Mind and Life Summer Institute in Garrison, New York. Professor George Chrousos, a world specialist on stress, outlined the main characteristics of stress. Quoting Pythagoras, who wrote about the forces that disturb the balance and harmony of the u...

The story of Stan Brock: Part Indiana Jones, Part Gandhi

By Matthieu Ricard on July 13, 2012

British-born Stan Brock, the founder of RAM (Remote Area Medical Foundation), worked on the savannah of Guyana as a cowboy on one of the largest cattle ranches in the world. He grew-up with the Wapishana and other tribes who live on the border of the Amazon rainforest. He mastered their languages, became an expert on rain forests and their in...

The Tire Iron and the Tamale

By Matthieu Ricard on July 09, 2012

Justin Horner, a graphic designer from Portland, Oregon, tells this story about human goodness: ‟During this past year I've had three instances of car trouble: a blowout on a freeway, a bunch of blown fuses and an out-of-gas situation. They all happened while I was driving other people's cars, which for some reason makes it worse on an em...