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The Shey Festival in Dolpo, Nepal

By Matthieu Ricard on September 16, 2012

Rabjam Rinpoche, the abbot of Shechen Monastery in Nepal, was recently the guest of honor at the Shey Festival, which is held every 12 years in the Dolpo region, in the north west of Nepal. Only two dozen people live year-round in this tranquil valley. This year, however, more than 4,000 pilgrims made the journey to come to the festival a...

Can More Guns Lead to Less Deaths?

By Matthieu Ricard on September 07, 2012

Another tragic mass killing took place in the United States in Colorado. It caused the death of 12 people and wounded 58 others. It happened only 17 miles away from the Columbine High School where 12 students were shot dead by two other students in 1999. These kinds of incidents should make the American people think again about their laws...

Feeling Alone Among Others

By Matthieu Ricard on September 03, 2012

According to the Sherry Turkle, a noted psychologist, writer, and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, ‟social” media is, in reality, only a means to enable us to be alone while remaining connected to many other people! A sixteen-year old boy who relies on texting for almost everything wistfully said, ‟Someday, but not ...