Upcoming Events

Advocacy for altruism, advocacy for the animals, a talk (in French) by Matthieu Ricard

Le April 25, 2015 à 18h30 - Chamonix (France)

Matthieu Ricard will give a talk in French on altruism in Chamonix, in collaboration with the City of Chamonix and the Rotary Club.

Tickets to be sold at: Landru bookstore; Refuge Payot; Super U; Tourism Office

More information at the Tourism Office of Chamonix: +33(0)4 50 53 00 24

Matthieu Ricard Confe?Rence

Matthieu Ricard will give a talk on the various perspectives of altruism in Sao Paulo

Le May 17, 2015 de 09h00 à 17h00 - Palas Athena - Alameda Lorena, 355 - Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo

Matthieu Ricard will give a talk on the biological, cultural and evolutionary perspectives of altruism in Sao Paulo.

More information on: www.palasathena.org.br

Tel: +(55) (11) 32 66 61 88

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Matthieu Ricard will give a talk on altruism and science in Sao Paulo

Le May 19, 2015 à 17h00 - Hospital Albert Esinstein, 627 - Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil

In this second event in Sao Paulo, Matthieu Ricard will speak about science and altruism.

More information on: http://www.einstein.br/ and

Emkt Matthieu Ricard 240315 V3 Copy (3)

Animal liberation: what then? A lecture by Matthieu Ricard, Peter Singer & Aymeric Caron

Le May 30, 2015 de 14h00 à 18h00 - Paris - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

The non-profit organisation L214 has decided to gather those three specialists of animal ethics in order to ask them what would be a society in which animals would be included as sensitive beings.

Simultaneous translation for Peter Singer (who will speak in English) will be available.

More information on: http://boutique.l214.com/conference

Conference Singer Ricard Caron

"The Power of Altruism", San Francisco

Le June 02, 2015 à 19h00 - Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Buddhist monk, humanitarian activist, scientist and author Matthieu Ricard (The Monk and the Philosopher, Happiness) turns his lens from the personal to the global with a rousing argument that altruism, genuine concern for the well-being of others, could be the saving grace of the 21st century. Altruism is, he believes, the vital force that can solve the greatest challenges of our time – from a troubled economy, to decreased life satisfaction, to environmental problems. Ricard's message has been taken up by respected economists and thinkers, including Joseph Stiglitz and George Soros.

More info : https://www.jccsf.org/arts-ideas/lectures/religion-spirituality/matthieu-ricard/

Conversation on Compassion

Le June 03, 2015 à 18h00 - CCARE – Stanford University

In this dialogue CCARE’s founder and director, Dr. James Doty, will ask scientist and Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard, about his life’s work and what role compassion may have played. This event is an hour-long dialogue followed by questions from the audience. The talk will be recorded and posted to CCARE’s YouTube Channel and website several weeks after the event.

More info : http://ccare.stanford.edu/events/conversations-on-compassion-with-matthieu-ricard/

Mindfulness & Compassion Conference

Le June 06, 2015 à 18h00 - San Francisco State University

For thousands of years the art of contemplative practice has been used to explore the nature of mind and its potential. Today the emerging science of contemplative practice promises to shed new light on these essential human questions. Facilitating conversation between these two worlds may provide a catalytic mutual benefit, exploring how contemplative practice and scientific research can best inform each other for a greater common good.

More info about this event : http://www.cmc-ia.org/mcc2015/

Conversation with Pico Iyer

Le June 07, 2015 à 18h00 - Bay Area Book Fair, Berkeley, CA

Matthieu Ricard will talk about Altruism with famed travel writer and essayist Pico Iyer (most recent book is about going nowhere: Stillness).

More info : http://www.baybookfest.org/overview/authors/

Matthieu Ricard in conversation with Pico Iyer

Le June 09, 2015 à 20h00 - Santa Monica, CA

More info : http://livetalksla.org/events/matthieuricard/

Live Talks LA Business

Le June 10, 2015 à 08h15 - Downtown Los Angeles

More info : http://business.livetalksla.org/2015/01/13/june-10-matthieu-ricard/

Keynote Talk at BuddhaFest

Le June 13, 2015 à 18h00 - Arlington, VA

More info : http://www.buddhafest.org/

Public Talk in Washington

Le June 13, 2015 à 19h30 - Sixth and I Synagogue, Washington, DC

More info : http://www.sixthandi.org/event/matthieu-ricard/

Matthieu Ricard in Conversation with Richard Gere

Le June 14, 2015 à 19h30 - Lexington Avenue at 92nd St, New York City

More info : http://www.92y.org/Event/Matthieu-Ricard-Richard-Gere.aspx

Matthieu Ricard in Conversation with Dr. Richard Davidson

Le June 16, 2015 à 18h00 - Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City

More info : http://www.stjohndivine.org/

Matthieu Ricard at Rubin Museum of Art

Le June 17, 2015 à 18h00 - Rubin Museum of Art, New York City

More info : http://rubinmuseum.org/